Hi! I’m Lynne.
My mission is to empower individuals and organizations.

I bring a unique blend of leadership experience in higher education, nonprofits, and religious organizations, coupled with expertise in instructional design and online education. My passion is empowering others through innovation, design thinking, and education.


I take an creative and systematic approach to enhancing adult learner development resulting in improved student engagement and an enhanced learning experience.

My specialties include online learning, instructional technology, and adult learning theory.


My skills includes strong leadership skills, performance analysis and intervention, online course design, program evaluation, online teaching, and project management.

I’m also a skilled web developer and nonprofit trainer.


I work with organizations by applying systematic and systemic processes to improve performance. By analyzing performance at multiple levels within an organization, I can understand what strategies are needed to improve performance.


I earned a Masters of Education (Instructional Design)  and a Bachelor of Arts (Organizational Leadership) from Samford University, and I am currently a doctoral candidate at the University of West Florida.



My greatest strength is visioning: the ability to see the big picture and implement the vision. I am able to visualize what is possible and challenge others to believe in the vision and that they can achieve the vision.


Creating innovative programs is not only a strength, but also one of my passions. Bringing positive change through experimentation and risk-taking has led to great success in my career. Being open to new ideas, encouraging others to dream big, and providing the leadership to pursue and achieve the dream has led to individual, group, and community transformation.


Throughout my career, I have valued my communication skills. I am a leader with an open-door policy that is flexible and decisive, especially in the area of interpersonal affairs. My personality type includes a feeling component, which allows me to connect with others and inspire them.


My DiSC leadership style is an inclusive leader. Inclusive leaders show optimism, promote cooperation, and are reliable. They are people-oriented, great listeners who can tap into the talents and motivations of their teams. They are also patient, understanding, soft-spoken, and genuinely interested in others.

My Values



Empathy-driven Leadership



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