What is Quality Matters (QM)?

what is quality mattersQuality Matters (QM) is a continuous improvement model for assuring quality of online and hybrid/blended courses through a peer review process.

To meet Quality Matters expectations, a course must meet all the Essential Standards AND achieve a total overall score of 85 out of 100 points.

I recently designed a brand-new course that I will be teaching in the Spring semester. The following details how I met the QM standards in this course.

As I worked through the course design process, I utilized the university’s credit hour calculator. Based on the time recommendations and the final calculations, the course fulfills the 112.5 total hours specified for a 3-credit-hour course.

According to the Quality Matters (QM) rubric, standard 1 was satisfied via the syllabus as well as the Canvas home page and my introduction video. The requirements for QM standard 2 were accomplished by including the course level objectives in the syllabus and on the course home page. Additionally, I reference how each module level objective aligns with the course objectives within each Module overview and objectives page. Module objectives are stated within each module along with the student activities for the week.

I designed a variety of assessments throughout the course to meet QM standard 3. Learners will engage in discussion posts, case studies, individual projects, group projects, peer reviews, and short formative quizzes. Each assignment contains a rubric that details the success criteria.

QM standard 4 relates to instructional materials and instruction. The textbook for the course is the latest edition of Raymond Noe’s Employee Training and Development. Other materials include articles from leading industry publishers, instructional videos, Ted Talks, animated explainer videos, slide decks, and a podcast interview. Video lectures and four synchronous class sessions will supplement the instructional materials. The variety, format, and delivery were selected based on adult learning theory, and best practices in online education.

To meet QM standard 5, I designed numerous ways for learner-learner and instructor-learner interaction. The course uses standard discussion posts, giving presentations, and lecture videos. Additionally, the learners will work together on a group project. Collaboration and interaction will be accomplished using the team app, Slack.

Given the topic and goals of the course, I selected 21st century technology and current technologies used in training and development to satisfy QM standard 6.

For QM standard 7, the syllabus and Start Here module in Canvas contain the required student support service information and links.

Finally, the course meets all accessibility requirements. All images contain ALT text, videos are closed captions, and all pages were checked by the Canvas accessibility checker.

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