It can be difficult to offer professional development opportunities to college faculty as they are typically occupied with teaching responsibilities, research obligations, and administrative tasks that leave limited time for formal training or workshops. To address this challenge, our team created a micro-learning program for faculty. I helped design the program, specifically designing the instructional technology/EdTech, aligning outcomes, and creating Canvas courses. The program’s content includes courses covering the following subjects:

  • Learner Engagement
  • Assessments
  • Teaching Online
  • Outcomes and Objectives
  • Alignment
  • Accessibility
  • Instructor Presence
  • Canvas LMS (various topics)
  • EdTech: Using Podcasts
  • EdTech: Creating Effective Instructional Videos
  • EdTech Tools: Perusall
  • EdTech Tools: Badgr
  • EdTech Tools: Google Apps
  • EdTech Tools: Panopto

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