Providing professional development for college faculty can be challenging. Instructors often juggle teaching duties, research requirements, and administrative duties that leave little time for formal training or workshops. To bridge the gap, our team developed a micro-learning program for a four-year university.
I developed an informational video for my performance improvement leadership course. The video examines five popular leadership styles: charismatic, transformational, servant, situational, and autocratic leadership.
The following proposal was developed during my doctoral program at the University of West Florida. The organization and all details are fictional, and any similarities to an existing organization are coincidental.
Motivating learners to engage is a critical factor in eLearning success; designing for motivation offers ways […]
I designed this short video to introduce Kolb's Experiential Learning Theory (ELT) and how to use the mARC model to design instruction based on ELT.
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This course provides a foundation in instructional design for organizational leaders and managers. The goal of this course is to introduce learners to the concepts and practices associated with designing, implementing, and evaluating different types of employee training programs.
This project features a proposal for adjunct instructors. The purpose of the Adjunct Training Program is to enhance institutional effectiveness by providing opportunities to promote excellence in performance and personal growth among adjunct faculty.
In 2018, I inherited the ECCO 100: Intro to Computing course for Samford’s evening college. My goal was to completely revise the course to make it relevant for adult learners, and move from a traditional approach to a project-based approach.
The purpose of the project is to train novice undergraduate students in presentation planning and design. My primary design is geared toward mobile devices using Rise 360.
This project is part of an employee training module for a non-profit. The employee would have learned the technology tools in a previous section followed by this formative assessment.