In 2018, I inherited the ECCO 100: Intro to Computing course for Samford’s evening college. My goal was to completely revise the course to make it relevant for adult learners, and move from a traditional approach to a project-based approach.
The purpose of the project is to train novice undergraduate students in presentation planning and design. My primary design is geared toward mobile devices using Rise 360.
This micro-learning module was developed and used in ECOL 456: Instructional Design for Mangers. I designed the module for computer-based and mobile learning environments.
vr, virtual, virtual reality
By using a trivia challenge game, I think the learners will be more engaged with the content. This game could also work by organizing students into groups which bring the benefits of collaboration and social learning to the lesson.
With the increase of adult learners returning to college, adjunct instructors must be knowledgeable and skillful in both adult education theories and practices. This professional development module will provide training in one instructional technique (Challenge Based Learning) in teaching adult learners.