Creating a welcome video can be a great way to introduce yourself to students in your online course. You can also have students create their own introduction video. This can be a great way to create a positive learning environment in your course.

General Video Guidelines

1. Keep it short: 5 minutes or less.
2. Write a script so that you stay on track.
3. Adjust your camera to get a good angle. Having the camera higher than your eyes is usually best.
4. Speak slowly and clearly.
5. Ensure Accessibility by adding closed captions to your video.

Video Content Ideas

1) A personal warm welcome from you.
2) A brief overview of the course and your expectations.
3) A reminder about very important course information such as:

a. required synchronous activities
b. exam times
c. project due dates

4) Your availability office hours and/or virtual office hours.
5) Expected turn-around times for grading, responding to emails, and replying to questions.

Ideas for additional videos

1. Course Navigation Video-screen capture of you showing them the course online
2. Topic Introduction Videos
3. Problem Area Videos: videos in which you explain difficult material


I created the following video as an introduction to my Strategic Training and Development Course.

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